03 June 2006

You know, when you know...

In honor of our 6th wedding anniversary (Now ask how long we have been together?)- I thought I would share the story of how we, Fritz and I, met. It is kind of sweet, so stop now if you don’t want to puke at the cuteness. Not really any knitting content here.

How we met: he was flying Wendy and I was dressing Nana the dog.
We were working at a small regional theatre in Virginia on a production of PETER PAN. We chatted a bit during the build of the show and once the show went into the technical rehearsal just before Thanksgiving, but we really got to know one another during the run of the show. I was stage right and he was stage left. I should have known that something was up when he started coming to my side and asking me about the blanket I was crocheting. He seemed so interested ; should have known that wasn’t going to last, his eyes now glaze over when I discuss knitting and crochet. This flirting continued for about 4 weeks - my going to his side, he coming over to mine - I really wanted to ask him out, but I was still a little heart broken from my last relationship and just wasn‘t ready yet.
He finally asked me out the day after Christmas, 1999, I was sick as a dog and I still said yes.
So we are out - having a lovely time and after a few drinks, the conversation goes something like this-
Fritz:: I ‘d marry you tonight.
Me: that’s nice - your drunk
Fritz: No really, I’d marry you tonight.
Me: that’s nice.

On our 2nd date, the next night, he asked again, and I replied the same: That’s nice.
Well, 9 days after the first date, and the 9th marriage proposal, I finally changed my tune:
Fritz: I’d marry you tonight.
Me: You know, if you really meant it, you’d get on your knees and ask properly.
Fritz: (crosses downstage, gets on one knee) Mar, will you marry me?
Me: Okay
Fritz: Okay?
Me: sure, why not
(end scene with lots of kissing)

He tried to take it back - but I figured getting down on one knee was binding enough, ring or no ring . So he was stuck with me. We looked at our production schedule and picked this very weekend 6 years ago. Five months after he asked for the 9th time, we were married at the theatre we worked at, on the set of MUSIC MAN at the Footbridge (and NO we did not use that song) there were bag pipes and pre show music, even a lovely announcement reminding “audience” members to turn off their cell phones. Our wedding invitations included tickets printed up by Box Office and the Marketing Department created a “show poster” which was in the window in the lobby - people even tried to by tickets to the one show only of THE WEDDING. Should have let ‘em. Our post nuptial party was at the local Irish pub, where we pretty much paid the rent with our tab. Great party! You have never heard hava-nagilla until you have heard it on bag pipes! Not to mention that the band learned the ENTIRE soundtrack to Fiddler on the Roof! ‘Cause you know…
And it was such a slow news night in southwestern Virginia - we were on the 6 o’clock news!
So that is the very condensed - very sweet story of how Fritz and Mar got married


Katy said...

Awwwww. I didn't know about the tickets and the poster. Happy anniversary!

Marietta said...

thanks! - i also forgot to mention how he mentioned kids on that first date...should have ran far and wide! :)

Krawuggl said...

What a great story with a wonderful Happy End. Ich liebe solche Erzählungen, und wie es sich anhört, würde sich deine auch gut als Drehbuch eignen. Manche Liebesgeschichten sind halt doch anders als andere.
Einen schönen Hochzeitstag und viele viele weitere glückliche, heitere und fröhliche Jahre,

Tusa said...

Hey, thanks for your kind words on my cardigan.

I think your story is lovely. Happy Anniversary.

Jill Smith said...

Shoulda known a cute couple would have such a cute story!

futuregirl said...

Happy 10th! You guys are adorable!!!