30 December 2008

Coming back....

Knitting and crocheting have not been up on the top of my crafting list these last few months. But there has been a bit of crafting along with the xmas sewing.

random cuteness

I made this little Bottle Cap Pin Cushion over the summer after seeing this or maybe this tutorial. Ones i really want to make are these tea pot pin cushions. I will definitley make more once i can find emory for the filling.

I also made a very cute Gnome t-shirt bag this summer:

gnome bag

- which should be a gift for someone but i am having a hard time parting with it. It has been sitting unused for months because of the guilt that overcomes me if i try to use it....ah the joys of being raised catholic and jewish....all that guilt!

And the last little cute item was an apron (of course) for our summer intern -

my fab intern 2008
Project Runway themed fabric! Gotta' love it!

And then gratuitous Max picture:
thanksgiving weekend

or my other favourite from Thanksgiving is here.

MOre holiday pics of craftiness and baby coming soon!

25 December 2008

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Happy Hannukah!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday! And did not spend Christmas Eve shopping like we did. LOL! Just did not have time to shop and still have things to make...fortunatley i am seeing the family on Saturday, so that gives me 2.5 days to finish sewing...i think....or go shopping.....

At this exact moment in time, my kitchen is doing a repeat of last year. Makin' cookies for the holidays.

In other news, I am officially self-employed. YEAH!!!! I am working at the store a few days a week and then sewing/designing/knitting/finishing etc the rest of the week.....nerve racking....crazy....but i am excited. I just cannot WAIT to start creating again....this will be part of my new year's resolutions, along with taking a german course and a tailoring course....and maybe lose 20 lbs :) oh and find a new hair dresser...mine moved to spain :(

11 December 2008

not dead yet (again)

wow! 1 whole month has gone buy since i was last here.

I will be posting more now that i am not working full time - but it is amazing how much you work when you are not working.....

My last show opened at Imagination Stage. Miss Nelson is Missing is a fun fun fun show and if you are in the DC area until January 4th (so pre-innauguration) you should really check it out. If you do not believe me, check out the reviews(and the pics - i patterned both the Miss Nelson Dress and Viola Swamp Dress. Check out the matching plaid and all those pleats respectively):

washington post
dctheatre scene
????? but cool pic

so Thanksgiving was my last weekend and then I got SICK!! My last vacation was maternity leave - so 18 months later my body decided to shut down! Big time and i have been way under the weather since then. And i am building another show which runs next week at the Baltimore Theatre Project. So if you are in Baltimore next week, come and see ALICE IN WONDERLAND wednesday through sunday. It is a dance piece and i am not sure what it is like since this whole process has been very strange....very.
I will know on monday....

and i know i owe pictures from so many things - but this is just to tell you that i am alive :)