26 June 2008

The Neverending Costumes...I mean STORY

so this is where i have been for a few weeks now (actually we have been developing this production for 2 years)

And it is finally opening - the second world premiere live theatrical version of the NEVER ENDING STORY...

i will post soon (and maybe youtube will actually post this video this time - try #5)

03 June 2008

Anniversaries and birthdays

Did you know that I have been an irregular blogger for the last 2 years? It is true. 2 years plus 1 week…and I had a birthday…and today is my 8th wedding anniversary! Wow! Lots to celebrate!

My fabulous assistant, Jessica, has made these most delicious cupcakes to celebrate my 3 ½ decades on the planet. I hear there are more treats planned for later in the week by the other lovely assistant, Katherine. After eating 3 of these yummies today I really do not need anything other sweets….of course, that is saying like I do not need any more yarn or fabric…such a silly concept.

For my birthday/anniversary present, I received a lovely gift from Fritz and Max.

THEY ARE NOT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Tuesday night and I have not seen them since Saturday. Can you believe it? It wasn’t so bad on Sunday and Monday since I was in Delaware checking out my mom’s new digs:

Some love shots of the garden.
mom's test garden
The lovely Mamie.
And neighboring gardens.

random gardens
random gardens

Last night was awful though – I was home all alone and really missed Max – first time we have been apart since he was born….both fantastic and depressing. I mean, how can you not miss this face?

so cute sweeping

In other news, the personal/work life has been incredibly stressful, so when I get home, I have almost no interest in the knitting or crocheting or even sewing. Our next show THE NEVERENDING STORY is absolutely overwhelming for us at the moment. There are many many many costumes and not enough time to make it all happen – and not enough staff. We have been working hard on this show for way too long – it is truly the never-ending show.

Outside of the crazy number of costumes, the costume shop is also responsible for dyeing the ‘nothing’ fabric.
Here it is in stages:

almost done
another closeup