29 May 2009

once a month blogger

should probably be my new name....

things in chez knit-or-get-off are a bit rough at the moment...basically the economy sucks for all and it hits the arts pretty hard first (or in my opnion as that is what i am the most sensitive too)...I have been working crazy but not at all normal like. One moment there is nothing and the next it is everywhere and every second and too much but you have to do what you have to do....okay so the depressing part is over.

On to the fun and wacky of me!

One of the crazy things i did this past month was attend and judge at COSTUME CON 27. I am a geek and I am proud :)
Costume Con 27

on the left is my friend and sometime employer, Andrea Schewe. Andrea is a pattern designer for Simplicity as well as an amazing opera singer and just plain cool person. The other Simplicity Judge was unable to attend the Con last minute and since it was only 45 minutes away, I was able to help out with a bit of rearranging and babysitting help from friends and family :) The young lady in the middle in the fab SteamPunk outfit is French Canadian and her Mom is Marie Antoinette (a simplicity pattern). There are some great close-up shots of her dress here and here and here. You should also check out the some of the fabulous Historical Garments (if you are so inclined) especially the late 18th C gown in Hello Kitty Fabric! (I can't make this shit up.)
Costume Con 27
I ...also...modeled...for Simplicity...ahem. I am sharing this with you since i know there are only , what 5? of you out there? Simplicity and MGM are re-releasing the WIZARD OF OZ patterns as sexy and sassy. They also pushed for more plus-size sexy and sassy costumes...so Andrea created the patterns last year and used me as a dress form (as i am a 22 in their patterns)....so here i am as the Wicked Witch of the West

And here I am with Dorothy and Glinda.

There is video of us on YouTube, but you can find it yourself

Just search "costume con" or "cc27" on flickr and you will see some amazing work.

One of the impressive things about all this weekend was that many many many of these people are not costumers in real life - more like lawyers, and teachers, and engineers and employees of state...just with a serious love of costume, costume history, maybe comic books and anime too!

that was just the first weekend in May - there is always more too tell...just need to get to the telling