11 June 2010


IT IS WORLD CUP FEVER here in my home...well only in my sewing room as Mr. Fritz is not a football aka soccer fan. So silly of him.

Watching the first match as I type, getting ready for my second shot at the FSOT/FSWE this afternoon...oy!

For those who may not care about the Beautiful Game but want to know if they look good or not, read here.

And in crochet news - if you are free this sunday and in the neighborhood, come check out my Sunday in the Salon at Woolwinders:

crocheted tomatoes

03 June 2010

Ten years ago today!!!

Happy Anniversary Fritz!
mar and fritz june 3 2000
(if you would like to know how we got here, read here)

btw: WORLD CUP IN ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 April 2010



4 days until the end of the 4th month
4 shows that I designed and opened earlier, closed this month
4 loads of laundry (possibly 4 times 4 loads of laundry) waiting to be washed
4 weeks plus 2 and I will be sitting for the FSOT again

10 March 2010

Three is the Magic Number


3 years since my dad passed away
3 fabulous children left behind
3 amazing grandchildren miss him too
3 shows in tech this month
3 shows in tech next month
3 months later and I still have my menorah out
3 sewing machines to go to the repair man
3 days time my mom will visit (SO NEED TO CLEAN THE HOUSE)
3 times 3 times 3 times 3 and then some are the number of projects on the needles and hooks

05 March 2010

How to find a job -

This is my new approach to finding a job:



This is how I feel I should start all my cover letters when applying for a job!

LOOK AT ME!!!! I really want this job. I would not be wasting your time with my whack costume designer/ costume shop management resume/retail experience if I really did not want to work for your organization. I have no interest in killing myself time and time again, getting my hopes up even, about a position I didn’t think I was qualified for and capable of doing.

LOOK AT ME! Why would I spend all this time and energy researching your organization and what you are about if I really did not want to be there? Do you actually read these cover letters? Do you see that I am trying to tell you about how I want a career in International something or other so I can go into the Foreign Service? Did you not notice the whole “has experience working overseas” bit or the “years of management and ├╝ber-multi-tasking” bit or that this applicant and speaks another language and would happily take on 5 more if it meant I had the job?

LOOK AT ME! And what about the fact that you have posted this job *3 times* in the last 9 months? If you did not like my resume the first or second time, why did you tell me to apply again? Why don’t you send an email, postcard or voicemail and tell me you are not interested? Why, when I call to confirm that you have received my information, you tell me to call back as you are just too busy to check? And when I call back at the time and date you proposed, you get snippy with me? (See, you *do* need and assistant – you are overworked and need someone to help you get it done.)

Now here, let me hem those pants for you as they are a bit too long.

Call me!

Thank you for your time,

Marietta AFGH

PS Check out my cute new hair!

more fab hair

01 March 2010

How did it become March already?

In KNIT OR GET OFF THE POT fashion, I have not blogged in 2 months and then some. I try to be consistant in my errors.

Why? Well, some for being busy and some for trying to find the perfect job (not happening) and some for sheer laziness.

And now I am super busy again just like last spring - with the Skating Costumes and 2 College productions - both Shakespeare and knitting ANOTHER sample for Mission Falls Yarns (YIPPEEE) and then there were those Olympics to watch in which I lost track of all time while bedazzling skating costumes. There were also some scary costumes too.

Something I did teach myself this January was Double Knitting - ohhhh it is so very cool:

here is side one:

teapot - the first side

and if you flip it over, you get this:

teapot- the other side

I am still looking for a new career/job - but until then I am in Tech rehearsal on March 15th until the end of April. Not only are there the two University productions, there are 3 other shows coming up too! All good - just very busy. And I have to plan Max's 3rd birthday.... I so want a Pirate Themed party :)