30 November 2006

That's not Vienna....that's a sweater!

Okay there should be a post about my trip to Vienna here – but I cannot find the disk that the pictures are on! You see I had forgotten the digital camera – so I got one of those disposable cameras (they still make those!) at the Niedermeyer on the Ringstrasse and got it developed straight to disk when I got home…did I download the best pictures to my computer?....of course not! That would make sense....

So instead of a babbling entry on how much I ate and drank and loved my favourite city, I bring you the saga of Jill’s sweater!

You see Jill, has this beautiful Alice Starmore sweater a close friend knit for her – but alas, it was about 12 inches too big. Wish I had taken a before picture – but here is the “how to” and the after:

I pinned the sweater on Jill, and then thread marked the new stitching line with a smooth contrasting yarn:


Then I cut! That is where you hold your breath, say a prayer, light a candle, sacrifice a chicken, whatever you are into....



This is wear my trusty sewing machine comes into play (depending on the yarn- I will use the overlock machine, but not with pure wool – personal preference). I ran two rows of zig-zag stitch about ¼” and 5/8” from the new seam line.


After that, I hand stitched the side seams as if no alteration had been made. And here is the finished result:


Okay, I promised Jill I would block out her head since she had forgotten to put on makeup – but she looks so happy in her sweater that I HAD to post it…so I lied :)

22 November 2006

turkeys for sale

it's that time of year again! The opening of our holiday show! and thanksgiving too!

JUNIE B JONES AND A LITTLE MONKEY BUSINESS is a remount of a show that we did a little over 3 years ago - and it is so much better this time around! I mean check out this set:

and one of the things I will not get to make for my own off spring - but at least I can at work :) :

How sweet! Sometimes we do fabulous accurate period costumes and sometimes we get to make adorable things amd sometimes we just go shopping...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving - a day of overeating and football....well, no football in our house, but there will be overeating! Fritz does all the cooking and I'll do the apple pie, my one and only contribution to the feast. And maybe we will get dressed and go to the movies....or Maybe I will just sit and knit all day, I am so far behind.

Have a happy turkey day!!!!

13 November 2006

it's a....


or it will be in another 18-20 weeks and he might be a big one too!

as for a name?

Maximilian...or is it Maximillian with 2 l's? well i have time to figure that out...what do you all think?

12 November 2006

oh wear, oh wear have i been?

that is the question isn't it? :)
sorry to not have postedin ove ra month! *gulp*

I had the most fab time in vienna doing nothing just fo rme and checking out yarn stores and museums - then there was the Gala at work (our yearly fundraiser) and then this next show is starting and things are a bit differente than usual. I hope to have pics tonight - i had left both the digital camera and my i-pod at home. So i had to buy good ol' disposable analog for the trip -and have i made it to the CVS to get it developed? silly question! of course not!

and there was a jaunt to Stitches East with the Mom! will post about that too!

so much to share with you all

Oh and i was doing some sidework for one of the Sewing Pattern comapanies - no designing - just sewing - but there will be a few re-released halloween patterns sometime next year and i am the one who sewed the garments in the pretty pictures! When they come out, i'll brag , naturlich! How else could I have afforded my jaunt across the pond? :)

So the next big news! I have finally knit a pair of baby booties - and they are still colorless:

i still do not know what the alien/satan spawn will be!!!! (if i knew how to upload the print out from the sonogram, you would agree that it looks a bit demon like) Tomorrow is the lucky day!!!!

I will color the socks in using photo shop/ paint (if i can figure it out) and post tomorrow night! that is, if it isn't a shy baby :) being mine, i find that hard to believe....

okay i could babble for hours! and those who know me face to face know that this is soooooo true!!!

gotta go show shopping.....