18 March 2009

do you love fabric?

well i love fabric...and Fabric.com has realized how much i like fabric and how much i like to order fabric from them sooooooo

this means that any of my readers will get $5.00 off their next order between today and March 25th (one week only!!!)

all you need is the special code....

oh you want the special code? Okay it is:


just type that into the promo box at check out and you will get $5 off your total purchase - whatever the total. And while you are at it sign, up for their emails - they have some really good deals.

They have bridal and cottons and patterns and notions and all sorts of things - also great with the shipping and great with the returns if need be. (and they are in MARIETTA, Georgia so how could i not like them?)

I think i will use mine to buy this pattern.

gratuitous pic of Fritz and Max on the Mall:

17 March 2009

No political affiliation elephant (long lost item 2)

henri the elephant

Pattern: Henri the Elephant from CROCHET DESIGN FOR KIDS by Lucinda Guy
Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool DK in Damson 030 (2 balls), Lavendar 039, Quarry 035, and Cypress 007
Hook: E
extras: buttons for the stars
changes: no fringe on blanket or tail

I wasn't paying attention when making the belly section and made it too long so there was a little tummy tuck action, but you can't see that so you wouldn't know anything about it:)

And since i made him this past october or september - i have to name the no political affiliation elephant as too many people assumed that he was representing a certain political party that i am not a part of. Really? He's purple....maybe follows the path of the purplre Tele-tubby - so not that KIND of elephant :)

Btw - I really love this book. I am currently making the MILO Sweater and i am forcing my mom offered to crochet the MARCEL THE SNAIL TOP for Maxim too.

And in case you have forgotten what he looks like, here he is in snow from January:
hep! more snow!

11 March 2009

under construction

No i will not let this lag another two months - heck not even a week - but i am trying a few new things with the blog new header and background - i just have to re-load the illustrator on the computer before i can do anything :)

09 March 2009



2 years since my dad'd passing
2 weeks until Max's 2nd birthday
2 shows i am designing in
2 different states
2 weeks until they both begin tech
2 weeks since one of my best friends went into the hospital for chemo
2 days a week at the store
2 fat kitties on the couch
2 days a week in german class
2 very important men (one big, one small) in my life

2 many projects on the needles and under the sewing machine
2 much time spent on facebook