18 March 2009

do you love fabric?

well i love fabric...and Fabric.com has realized how much i like fabric and how much i like to order fabric from them sooooooo

this means that any of my readers will get $5.00 off their next order between today and March 25th (one week only!!!)

all you need is the special code....

oh you want the special code? Okay it is:


just type that into the promo box at check out and you will get $5 off your total purchase - whatever the total. And while you are at it sign, up for their emails - they have some really good deals.

They have bridal and cottons and patterns and notions and all sorts of things - also great with the shipping and great with the returns if need be. (and they are in MARIETTA, Georgia so how could i not like them?)

I think i will use mine to buy this pattern.

gratuitous pic of Fritz and Max on the Mall:


Lupie said...

Thanks for the link!

KHM said...

Crazy! All of a sudden you're blogging like a crazy woman and I'm so busy at my sewing machine all of a sudden I almost missed it! I wanna commision Fritz to make a collapsible leaf cutting table on wheels for my crafty room! C'mon! Say he will!