11 November 2008

commercials i love (2)

the finest german engineering...how i picked my glasses (rodenstock)

08 November 2008

Why can't i sleep at night?


The last few months have been crazy and ridiculous and not filled with much sleep.
After much deliberation and stress, I decided that it was time to leave my full time gig.

You are thinking:
Marietta! In this economy? Are you daft girl?

Well, my answer is:
duh! of course i am stupid!

But (because there is always a but) I have been ...unhappy in my job for awhile. And not really unhappy, just needing to do the next thing. Needing to move on and grow as a costumier (pretentious SAT word) and develop other mad skills (like how to type and spell) Or verbesser the Deutsch
Financially, I'm screwed - and really who isn't right now? But (because there is another but) mentally I will be happy as a clam (...do clams smile?)

As i mentioned in an earlier post, part of my reasoning was for this guy:
halloween 2008

(Max as Luke Skywalker Halloween 2008 - and, no, he does not have a light saber. A light saber is a prop, not a costume. Props fall under Daddy's domain and Daddy did not get his prop)

The other reason is because of Fritz - who we shall now refer to as MR. Fritz :)
Here is Mr. Fritz's First Day of School picture:
1st day of school

Now here is his 2nd day of school picture:
day 2

Getting up at 5:30 am does not make Mr Fritz pleasant - nor does a nagging wife who wants a picture.

Fritz of the tshirt and jeans is now Mr Fritz of the shirt, tie, jacket and Dockers. He is now a High School Teacher of Technical Theatre.

My plan is a little vague at the moment - but I will be freelancing in the theatre world and in the knitting world a bit more.
Since September, I have built costumes for 3 shows at work, 1 dance company, 1 small opera, 1 high school show, another dance company assisting a broadway designer and building costume for another theatre on the other side of town. There might be something that I am forgetting.....

oh and raising a baby.

side note: yes i voted!!!! and i the lines were crazy long and i am thrilled i helped make history! i am really looking forward to the next four years and no, i idid not like what Michelle Obama was wearing on election night. So far that was the the only one total miss out of all her campaigning outfits.

07 November 2008

commercials i love (1)

as another tech approaches (my last one!!!) i will be sharing a few of my favourite commercials with all of you - and a few pictures from halloween too :)