21 April 2007

still breathing

mommy and me

at two weeks old Maxim is just so damn cute!!!!!

I mean look at him:

so hard!

he is now 4 weeks old and i need to download more pictures of the cutie

Here are a few things that i have learned in his first 4 weeks of life:

1- babies poop alot! just because you changed the diaper 5 minutes ago, does not mean that you do not need to change it again
2 - sleep when they sleep! 'cause you do not know when you will get to sleep again, EVER!!!
3 - babies make it hard to knit or crochet :(

4 - breastfeeding is not easy just because it is "natural" - but if you get one of these and something like this, for a few minutes a day your hands are free to knit or crochet - so you can make something like this for someone else's little girl (was so tempted to put it on Max, but Fritz said no)

" angel top front

more to come - both knitting and baby!