24 April 2009

Spring Cleaning

i know, i know - another month has gone by and i haven't blogged.

It isn't that i don't want to - it is just that there doesn't seem like there is much of anything to share. Nothing exciting I guess....i think i am in a bit of a slump.

I was so crazy busy for so long and now everything seems to be in a big long pause...and the work is not coming in as regularly as i would have liked ...but that means i have time to take on this disaster:
and make it look like this:
It may not seem perfectly clean - but there has been more labeling and organization going on which *is* making it easier for me to use my space again.

One of the things i seem to be taking on is bridal alterations. It is that season after all!

And i spend alot more time with Max. He is talking so much! And he is a dancing cheesehead :)

max's 2nd birthday
I really need to take some pictures of the items i have been working on - a sweater for Max, more crocheted toys, and a gift for my friend Jess.

One of the new and crazy things in my life is the time and energy that I am putting into a possible career change. It would be a huge change...not theatre at all. I think the last 6 years fried me a bit. I am loving the new groups that I am working for, but I have lived this dream for almost 20 years, why not live another?