07 January 2009

long lost item 1

There has been some crocheting here and i cannot believe that i NEVER posted about it. Really!

crochet necklace - silk 2
Pattern: Wisteria Necklace, book - Colinette Arboretum
Yarn: Colinette Tao Silk
Hook: US C (2.75)
started and finished: November 29, 2008
changes to pattern: use needle and thread to sew flowers together rather than silk yarn - too slippery otherwise.

crazy? right? that i forgot to blog about it - it has been on my flickr account forever, so you might have seen it already but maybe you haven't.

This was made for one of our Sundays in the Salon at Woolwinders. Actually - it was my freedom Sunday - the last day that i was officially on the books as Costume Shop Manager at ISI.

In other news, i finally went down to the Goethe Institute to get more information about language courses and to see where i rank. Basically, I am still where i was - B2 level (some international rating system) - a bit better than i thought considering it was a written test and that means GRAMMAR!!!!!!!!!! So, hopefully I will be taking a class beginning in February - but that depends on sooooo many other things.....

01 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

(image from here...which got me thinking about wanting to do something like this...maybe next

Max wishes you a Happy New Year too!

christmas 016