13 May 2008

no crafting here

well not at home but very busy in the work place.

just got a new camera though......and still need to learn how to use it. Here are a few pics from this weekend:

a very filthy Max:

my mother's day breakfast in bed:

I am always giving Fritz a hard time for wearing the same thing every day and said he should switch it up a bit. So he emailed this pic and wanted to know what i thought:

Yeah, well, it's the same thing he wears every day: Black polo and blue jeans. The leather jacket was for the weather :) Gotta love 'im!

in fashion news - my mom sent me this cool link to a New York times article about a Superheroes exhibit at the Costume Institute at the Met in NYC.

check out the video

and for more music - Kate Nash, again, PUMPKIN SOUP and there is knitting in it!

09 May 2008

time keeps on slippin'....

(more photos of max in traffic wearing Adam's hat)

(there have been a few complaints from family members that there have not been new Max pics in awhile - I hope you enjoy these two!)

Time is getting away from me again.

Not much by way of crafting for me at the moment. I think i mentioned before that I have been taking on a lot of sidework lately (when it rains it pours). One of my designer friends is opening a HUGE show tomorrow night and I was only able to make a few pieces for her. I felt bad when i saw how exhausted she was yesterday - i really wish i could have done more, but i am just overbooked with life right now.

I am seriously considering Freelance as a full-time gig. The problem with Freelance is that I am kind of lazy - and you have to be ueber-organized and have the proper space to do it in..... I need to get through the next show before I make that decision. The thought of spending the summer by the pool with the baby sounds heavenly - okay not all that grand as i turn to a lovely lobster red when i am in the sun too long, BUT a few afternoons of scheduled swim time with me and the baby sounds fabulous.
my latest obsession:

My assistant, Jessica, got me hooked on Kate Nash...love this album! I really like her style.