09 May 2008

time keeps on slippin'....

(more photos of max in traffic wearing Adam's hat)

(there have been a few complaints from family members that there have not been new Max pics in awhile - I hope you enjoy these two!)

Time is getting away from me again.

Not much by way of crafting for me at the moment. I think i mentioned before that I have been taking on a lot of sidework lately (when it rains it pours). One of my designer friends is opening a HUGE show tomorrow night and I was only able to make a few pieces for her. I felt bad when i saw how exhausted she was yesterday - i really wish i could have done more, but i am just overbooked with life right now.

I am seriously considering Freelance as a full-time gig. The problem with Freelance is that I am kind of lazy - and you have to be ueber-organized and have the proper space to do it in..... I need to get through the next show before I make that decision. The thought of spending the summer by the pool with the baby sounds heavenly - okay not all that grand as i turn to a lovely lobster red when i am in the sun too long, BUT a few afternoons of scheduled swim time with me and the baby sounds fabulous.
my latest obsession:

My assistant, Jessica, got me hooked on Kate Nash...love this album! I really like her style.


Kathy said...

LOVE the Kate Nash! Yay! Thanks!

seriously, M; there's nothing like a huge incentive to improve organization. Freelance sounds perfect for you.

I'll buy you all the sunscreen you need for the first summer at the pool!

Laura E. Jordan said...

Thanks for your comment. Yep, the job often sucks, but I guess that's what internships are for. The design credits I've gotten this year are fantastic to have, but it comes at a hard price when you're trading it for your self-respect, humanity, and any chance of a life beyond work. I worked on a cruise ship for 6 months that had cameras about every 10 feet and they used them to keep tabs on crew as well as safety, and I felt like I had more privacy there. Some days I just have to remember that I'm almost done -- less than a month till I "graduate" this internship and go on to my first real, non-student, non-intership design work.

Funny that exMormons are everywhere for you right now. It seems to me that Kate Nash is everywhere for me. :-) Not that I'm complaining! I could always use more Kate Nash or Mika.

Laura E. Jordan said...

PS, I meant to say, I really like your blog!