23 February 2007

6 weeks to go!!!!

Unless Maximilian decides to get here early!!!
For those of you who are desperate to see how large my stomach is getting (family only, I am sure) as well as the cutest little socks you ever did see, please see here! I am almost as cute as the sox!

I have been sort of nesting…making a few cute baby things here and there. My goal is to use up the stash as much as possible. I do not have too much by way of knits, so most of those were purchased recently. But the cottons are out of my stash, such as the lovely dancing skeletons here:

dancing skeletons romper

My favorite Madhatter might recognize the fabric.

snappy crotch

Of course it has a snappy crotch, as do all baby things, but I always feel the snaps are too far apart for what I need it for, so I pleated them in abit to make them fit the little crotch. I should just sew on individual snaps next time.

And there are surfin' pirates here:

which is the leftover fabric from my niece’s pajama bottoms that she got for x-mas.

And I must admit, now that I live 3 exits from IKEA, (very dangerous, I tell ya!) I have made many trips and had to get this:

strange ikea things

It was 99cents! How could I resist? The sign said armchair covers…weird.

And of course, being the backstage wardrobe lady that i am, everything gets a label!


The fabric on this particular onesie is left over from MERLIN, a show we did about 3 years ago - such a small piece! Who would miss it?

no blogging on the weekend :( no computer at home. But there will be more crafting and wait till i get to show you what will be happening in Maximilian's room this weekend! HINT: it involves tigerente and the scenic painter from the theatre!

22 February 2007

Comfortably numb...

Well, have you been wondering where I have been?
Long story short ends with the above photo….

So the week of January 15th we moved and stuff is still in boxes. I have made lots of cute things over the last few weeks –both knitted and sewn – took pictures and downloaded them to the computer.

Here is some cute baby knitting (not for mine, but a coworker who is having a girl) for evidence sake:

Even wrote a few blogs out with the intention of posting them as we went through tech so I would not have such a large gap of time in between posting…
Didn’t happen, did it?
Why? You might ask…
Because at some point during tech I couldn’t get on to that lovely upgraded blogger thing – I am so computer challenged people! Could not remember my new password or login…..so I thought “Aha! I will just email the files to myself at work and then I can do it from there since I have everything written down at work somewhere…”

So here we are into February and go to email all pics and files to myself when I discover that the computer is not on the coffee table, where it belongs.

Mar: Fritz, what happened to the laptop? I have to blog!
Fritz: I took it to work, you know since I bought it for work…and by the way it isn’t working. I thought it had a virus, so I brought it into work to run a few blah blah blah
(At this point I tuned out a bit and until I heard…)
It is being serviced over at CompuServe and they are probably going to have to wipe it clean.
Mar: but my pictures!
Fritz: and all that music we downloaded…
Mar: Crap!

So the story gets worse – the computer is now with HP and we have yet to hear anything about it. I know, I know, all you Mac users...I can hear it through the computer what you all are thinking and saying how we should have gotten a Mac. But, when we bought the computer last year the theatre had just purchased all new software for CAD and VectorWorks and LiteWrite, which were not MAC compatible…..so just leave it at that.

But where or where did that lovely sign come from? Well last week I had a little fall at work and landed face first into a concrete floor. The baby is fine because he is protected by lots of fat and a placenta…my teeth, on the other hand….

...are not!

Thank the powers that be for workmen’s comp baby! ‘Cause we don’t got no stinkin’ dental insurance, yo!