23 February 2007

6 weeks to go!!!!

Unless Maximilian decides to get here early!!!
For those of you who are desperate to see how large my stomach is getting (family only, I am sure) as well as the cutest little socks you ever did see, please see here! I am almost as cute as the sox!

I have been sort of nesting…making a few cute baby things here and there. My goal is to use up the stash as much as possible. I do not have too much by way of knits, so most of those were purchased recently. But the cottons are out of my stash, such as the lovely dancing skeletons here:

dancing skeletons romper

My favorite Madhatter might recognize the fabric.

snappy crotch

Of course it has a snappy crotch, as do all baby things, but I always feel the snaps are too far apart for what I need it for, so I pleated them in abit to make them fit the little crotch. I should just sew on individual snaps next time.

And there are surfin' pirates here:

which is the leftover fabric from my niece’s pajama bottoms that she got for x-mas.

And I must admit, now that I live 3 exits from IKEA, (very dangerous, I tell ya!) I have made many trips and had to get this:

strange ikea things

It was 99cents! How could I resist? The sign said armchair covers…weird.

And of course, being the backstage wardrobe lady that i am, everything gets a label!


The fabric on this particular onesie is left over from MERLIN, a show we did about 3 years ago - such a small piece! Who would miss it?

no blogging on the weekend :( no computer at home. But there will be more crafting and wait till i get to show you what will be happening in Maximilian's room this weekend! HINT: it involves tigerente and the scenic painter from the theatre!


Katherine said...

you KNOW that surfing pirates gets my vote!

madhatter said...

oh... oh..... OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!
i love the pirate outfit! so very beautiful! yes, dress him up with those lovely skeletons and make him a pirate instead of a landlubber! ;)

Dove Knits said...

OMG cute baby stuff!

futuregirl said...

I'm loving the skeleton snappy crotch outfit with the peter pan collar. You are going to be the coolest mom, ever. :)