01 March 2007

5 weeks...scary

The baby is getting ready to enter downstage (think about it) any week now. But he is thinking more of a feet first kind of entrance at the moment, with his back to the audience (kind of like his mother). So maybe the lovely beginnings of this mural in his room will entice him out, head first:

You can see the beginnings of the Baer and the Tiger on their way to go fishing. The Chair is blocking the Froesch (frog) and Meghan is pencilling in the Tigerente down right. This weekend there will be paint!!! The image is from one of the Janosch books - Oh, wie schön ist Panama.

Since this past sunday looked like this:

..I stayed in bed all day and finished this:

Finally finshing more than just socks for the little boy to be. Sad, but true, Maximilian isn't even born yet and he gets his first cable sweater years before Fritz ever will :)

I started the sweater for a friend's baby 2 years ago and never finished it. I did the back and one front and then forgot all about it. And since I was making up the pattern as I went along, I couldn't remember what I had done in the first place when I found it again after moving last month. So after counting stitches and finding a post it note or 2 with notes about the cable pattern at least - I finished it this weekend. I CAN tell you that the yarn is a chunky cotton (Modial? I think) knit on size US 10.5 wooden needles. There is a 6 stitch cable that front twists every 4 rows. And there are 3 cables going down the back. I had sewn together the shoulders before picking up 32 stitches for each sleeve, knitting down towards the seed stitch cuff. The sleeves look awfully short and the sweater looks huge around, but oh well babies come in all sizes, so i am sure it will fit him at some point (*gulp* i hope!). Am thinking of putting in a zipper - so much easier than buttons or snaps! And just need to finishin sewing the side seams and it will be perfect!

I even started another sweater for the baby out of the self striping/fair isle regia sock weight yarn - and am half way there. Well one front and one sleeve that is - so maybe that is a third? Will need to get a picture of that soon too!

back to that whole work thing - need to do some sewing for non-baby things (bummer)


madhatter said...

a beautiful sweater, and the wallpicture seems to be great - can´t wait to see it finished!
(btw: you really want your baby to sleep in that room??? *gg* or do you move in? ...)

Marietta said...

it is true...this mural is for me and not the baby :)

Amelie said...

can't wait for a picture of the Tigerenten-wall either :) and the cardigan is very cute! Best of luck for the next weeks!!

futuregirl said...

Wow, that's going to be a killer mural. The tiny sweater is adorable. Even if it only fits for a day, it'll be a sweet thing to save for him.

Dove Knits said...

What a cute sweater!