15 March 2007


I usually do not post things that are TOO personal since i am the type of person who really does not like her personal space invaded unless it is from people who i consider close (try working in theatre when you do not like to be touched all the time! oh AND pregnant :) )

But this is about my Dad - and this will effect (affect?) so many other things later.
My cousin sent out an email with this fabulous picture of my dad as a kid. I added the other ones :)

Love and miss you Daddy.

October 13, 1939 - March 10, 2007

After a month long, hard fought battle with
multiple myeloma, our much adored Milt died
peacefully this afternoon at Clara Maass Hospital.


We then gathered at Janis's home and had a
Chinese feast in his honor.

it went fast!!!!! barely any left overs - he'd be so proud :)

(my birthday last may)
Dad, Mike, Jan, Me


futuregirl said...

Marietta, I'm sending you a big (non-touching) hug and my warmest wishes. I see a lot of him in you in that last picture. I love the Chinese feast ... when my Grandfather died, we had a huge bar-b-q feast with balloon, just like he wanted us to. :)

Anne-Caroline said...

Marietta, my heart goes out to you, sweetie. In the photo, I can tell you have a lot of your dad in you. I hope your peanut will, also. I am so sorry for your loss, and I hope you will have the time to grieve during this tumultuous end-of-pregnancy time. Big (e-mail) hugs.

Amelie said...

e-hugs to you, Marietta. So sad your dad did not live to see your baby. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Dolly: I was happy to see this - thanks. Love from The Mom

Dove Knits said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dad's passing. I'd be heartbroken if I lost mine, so I can only imagine how you're feeling. I am so sorry.