09 March 2007

4 weeks - possibly 2!!!

okay the new knitty is out and have you seen these socks!?!?!?!? Way too hard to follow during midnight feedings with newborn, I am sure but i so want to make them...NOW!!!!!!!!!!! (and of course I will have to knit this for Maximilian)

Oh my goodness!!! I was at the ob-gyn today and there might just be a chance of 2 weeks. You see, i am deformed :) on the inside and Maximilian is just lounging about and not in the mood to turn around. He is very relaxed in there and not interested in going anywhere...obviously Fritz's son :) - this might lead to inducing and all that fun stuff....so that might happen in 2 weeks instead of 4...so that is the baby news...

I have also made so many cute rompers and onsies, it is unreal and he will probably outgrow them sooner, rather than later. But I have no batteries to download from the camera and you would think that i would reload the software for the bluetooth on my camera phone since the the computer is back from the computer hospital..but now we have to get Verizon to let us back on the system...

so until all that goodness happens check out this lovely link to a local paper about knitting and woolwinders

we are so cool!!!!


Anne-Caroline said...

Two weeks! Holy crow - keep us up to date!

madhatter said...

as long as you feel good and the baby´s doing fine it doesn´t matter if it´s two weeks or four.

anyways - knit faster!! ;)

french toast girl said...

Hi Marietta! It's Elena (from BR... back in the day!) via Anthony's blog. I'm delurking!

Just wanted to say:

1. I saw those socks and squealed too; and sighed because it is far beyond my power to knit them.

2. My first kiddo, Sophie, was feet-first; and about 2 weeks before my due date I went in and they monitored me, and puuuuuushed carefully on my big belly and got her turned around the right way! It was not the most comfortable procedure in the world, but she turned around and stayed that way for another 2 weeks till she was born.

3. CONGRATULATIONS on your growing family! ♥

Hugs to little baby Max when he makes his grand entrance! :)