16 March 2007

“Lawzy, we got to have a doctor. I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies.”

In case you haven’t heard – I am having a baby. Scary, isn’t it? I think so.

And you know what is even scarier? The little Maximilian is scheduled for next Friday…NEXT Friday…that is one whole week until baby – that is, unless he decides to miss his beat and enter early well before his cue. I would like to think of my doctor as his own personal Stage Manager. There might even be a technical rehearsal next week if the stage decides to fully open and let it all go, but that would mean he would still enter backwards, more butt then feet this time. He is no longer standing on my pelvis he is now sitting. Guess his little fat legs got tired 

But he will get to see this lovely mural aka the TIGERENTE MALEREI:

IS THAT NOT just F&*^#@ awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot wait to get the curtains up and the crib and the dresser painted and the changing table built….. (Umm, Fritz, are you reading this? Because that is your list…)

Oh and I have got to finish the cute outfits:
Sock monkeys…needs a matching hat –

holiday themes:

And there is also a sushi outfit which I need to make a wasabi green hat to go with. According to Fritz, Babies taste good with Wasabi (while cats taste good with teriyaki sauce!)

And if anyone wants to see my fat arms and some cute baby items from friends and coworkers, there are pics from my baby shower here, and do not forget to check out the awesome onesie Yvette embroidered with the skull….This kid is going to have one hell of a wardrobe!!


madhatter said...

the onesies are adorable, and the tigerente-wall is awesome (it´s really cool... just like a HUGE copy from the book... beautifully painted!)

good luck for you and little maximilian! :)

Amelie said...

oh that Tigerenten wall is great, I'd like one of those, too :)
best of luck for next week!

Katherine said...

I suck to have missed the party, I know. But I'll make it up to you! Someday...


The wall looks awesome!

Tony LaRocca said...

Hey, if you can crochet, Max could always use one of these: http://shigella.livejournal.com/519884.html?view=3621068#t3621068

yvette said...

no one is looking at your arms, silly. they are looking at the huge grin on your face!

oh, oh! you need to crochet the sock monkey hat from the happy hooker! eeeeeh! that would be adorable.

Marietta said...

@ yvette - oh i so have to make tha! and now that we finally unpacked the book boxes i know where that book is!!
@ tony - dalek dalek dalek!! oh if she had a pattern!!!

kristin La Flamme said...

OMG!!! That Tigerente wall is absolutely amazing! You know, every time I see anything Tigerente I think of you (wierd to think of someone so much when you know them only through occassional blog reading). ANyways, your friend who painted it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all the baby shower goodies too. So cute. Sorry to hear about your dad though.

futuregirl said...

Time does fly! I can't wait to meet little Maximilian. I bet you can't wait either. :)