23 March 2007

maybe baby!

not quite yet!
but here is a view of the before taken in a lovely apron made by my assistant as a "domestic goddess" present - front view:

oh so big

and the side view (a bit blurry, but you get the idea):

belly from the side

he is gonna be huge, i tell ya!!!

my mom is here and is totally dealing with the crazy pregnant lady...crazy isright - it feels like the night before my wedding, but this is much scarier!!! husband you can get rid of by way of divroce, babies? well... that way leads to jail, i think....should i test it?

alright - well i am not sure when you will hear from me again - but I will get Fritz to post obligatory cute baby pictures at some point....

the biggest question i have right now is....what will the baby wear home!!!!?????!!!!!


Amelie said...

best of luck for everything, Marietta!!

Anne-Caroline said...


charlotte said...

viel glück, marietta! er wird süß sein, dein riesenbaby!

madhatter said...

best of luck for you and maximilian!

du schaffst das!!! XD

Jessica said...

Huge congratulations on the arrival of Max, and your cameo in the Woolwinders newsletter! Glad to hear you're both doing well. Did he arrive feet first (as I did)?

-Julie Anne's friend Jessi

Dove Knits said...

Look how cute you are!