21 April 2007

still breathing

mommy and me

at two weeks old Maxim is just so damn cute!!!!!

I mean look at him:

so hard!

he is now 4 weeks old and i need to download more pictures of the cutie

Here are a few things that i have learned in his first 4 weeks of life:

1- babies poop alot! just because you changed the diaper 5 minutes ago, does not mean that you do not need to change it again
2 - sleep when they sleep! 'cause you do not know when you will get to sleep again, EVER!!!
3 - babies make it hard to knit or crochet :(

4 - breastfeeding is not easy just because it is "natural" - but if you get one of these and something like this, for a few minutes a day your hands are free to knit or crochet - so you can make something like this for someone else's little girl (was so tempted to put it on Max, but Fritz said no)

" angel top front

more to come - both knitting and baby!


madhatter said...

no time to sew, knit or crochet?
well.... welcome to the world of motherhood - you may ask any mother in the world if she had time for something those first months.... *g*

but they all will tell you: IT GETS BETTER!

lovely dress - i wouldn't listen to fritz... sweet max may wear it over a jeans... ;)

Katherine said...

Oh man, He's so cute it's practically unfair. I almost bought him a hat when I was visiting the boy in NYC.

Oh, and Mom wants me to tell you that "He's just sweet!"

And Madhatter's right. You'll get your knitting time back, eventually, don't worry.

Theresa said...

What a doll! And that doesn't mean you can put him in a dress! And just think, soon you'll be sitting at sports events and sundry practices, so you'll have lots of time for handcrafts. Ask me, I know.

pat d. said...

What a handsome little guy!! Congratulations!

Your Fritz works with my George (my first son)

--George's mom

yvette said...

hi hot mama! your beautiful assistant and i miss you bunches! but we seem to be managing okay--no worries. =)

i must find a time to meet this handsome young man of yours. he is a real sweetpea.


ps-i find it funny, Ms. Knitter, that your are crocheting for a baby while i am currently knitting for one. =)

kristin La Flamme said...

What a cute little squishy baby face! Congratulations!!! Keep up with the breast feeding -- he'll end up strong and healthy which will, in turn, free you up for more knitting time :-)