01 May 2007

argh!!!!! (frustration - not pirates)

i had written a very clever post and the computer crashed just when i was finishing up
lots of cute pics too....my time is precious- so i have learned with baby...i mean look at this gray hair!!!!

the gray!!!!

but really look at the cuteness that is Maxim:
closeup with daddy

there is more - really - even a bit of crochet...thinking about an afghan... 'cause i have all that free time...and way too much yarn.....


madhatter said...

you still have time to crochet? something must go wrong! ;)

your max is a cutie, and don´t worry about your hair. there always will be a way to dye it! *gg*

Tony LaRocca said...

Don't talk to ME about gray hair, sunshine! :) Adorable youngling, but what do you expect with such a cute mommy?