02 May 2007

so big!!!!!

so big!

finally a cute outfit that i made! this lovely picture was taken by JILL this past sunday at the Woolwinders baby shower....he was such a good baby that you would not believe that he doesn't rest during the day when I want to sleep :)

But one of the lovely ladies gave me a BOUNCY CHAIR!!!!!!!!! do you know the magic of the bouncy chair? Well - let's put it this way, I am blogging again and knitting/crocheting again!!!!

He is so easily amused with the Elephants and the Lion...
still no neck muscles


madhatter said...

yes, those chairs are cool. my nephew had one, too, and he loved it.
your little one will be grown out of it in a second! ;)

futuregirl said...

What a darling!

Katherine said...

I know well the power of the bouncy chiar. Works on grown ups, too, if you can find one big enough. :P

Anne-Caroline said...

OMG, he's getting so big. What an adorable little guy!