17 May 2007

Tiger ducks unite!

And now for my latest creation, a TIGERENTE army!!!!

There is no pattern...something that I made up in between midnight feedings using Lion Brand Microspun and a size F crochet hook. Hence, the "no 2 Tigerentes are the same" look.I should have used something like this pattern for a little more consistency. That would have meant planning and thinking ahead. The wheels are a bit "off-road" as Fritz likes to tell me.

I need to put a ribbon and snaps or velvro on them so I can hang them from the car seat handle or on the stroller...but for now they are just their own little army.


Amelie said...

ooh so sweet! love them! Great work, Marietta!

jesirose said...

Those are really interesting!

Kathy said...

Marietta---your creativity astonishes me. I hope some will rub off on me. Brilliant!

niobe said...

These are incredibly cute.