29 May 2007

Finishing the unfinished

More finished objects!

The time between late night feedings has become very productive. And now that my serger is back from the Bernina repair guy and my sewing machine is out on the kitchen table…I am flying through a few sewing projects:

enchanted kingdom

This lovely wall hanging was started in 2004. I think? I decided to take a quilting class over at Capital Quilts in Gaithersburg based on the sample hanging in the shop. All the piecing was done but none of the quilting or the bias edge. I am still thinking about stitching around the dragons and castles in gold or silver metallic thread – but that will most likely NEVER happen. I thought about passing it on as a gift but Fritz really liked it and thinks I should hang it in the baby’s room.
Apparently, I liked the first one so much, I started this one:

kitchen window front

Now this one has been quilted, but I have yet to do the border pieces….I am sure there is something in my stash that would lend itself to trimmings. Something in a lovely red maybe? To match the back?

And last but not least – a needle case for straights, circulars and dpn’s along with a pocket for stuff…

knitting needle case
needle case, inside

Any takers? Seriously. You want it, I’ll mail it. I cannot remember who it was for - if anyone. Email me first and it will be sent out to you this week!!

oh and there is more Unfinished yet to be finished..those baskets are scary!


madhatter said...

oh, the kitchen quilt is so cute!
i was eyeing with the print as well, but for an apron. your quilt is looking like someone watches inside a window... pretty cool XD

and i LOVE your knitting needles case - it's so perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that I might have been with you when you bought that wonderful kitchen fabric (hint hint....)

Kathy said...

I want the needle case, please!