15 May 2007

Happy mother’s day…a bit late

So this was my first Mother’s Day – not all that different from any other Mother’s Day before, except this time I had a baby to show for it!!

My sister came down with her daughter and boyfriend (who is also a “Fritz”). Since my sister, Jan, is seriously allergic to cats (so strange since we grew up in the same house with cats) they always stay at a hotel –which means HOT TUB!!! And POOL!!!!
This also means:

this is NOT a diaper!

No not baby-porn:) Maximilian is sporting the finest in baby swim suit bottoms/built in diaper. He is a bit perplexed...

max and me

Maxim’s first swim!!! And still is perplexed. He cannot hold his head up all the way yet but he seemed to take to the little inner tube as well. We floated in the water a bit here and there and he accidentally dunked his own head (My Fritz will tell you that I did it on purpose). He coughed and blinked and was fine! I am so happy that this water baby might have her own water baby!!!
There is a pool at our apartment complex, so I cannot wait to take him swimming every evening after work once it opens and is a bit warmer. My niece will be down for a week of summer camp at the theatre, so she is also looking forward to taking the baby swimming.

One of my MD presents was a package from Annie Modesitt!!! So very cool! She must have called my mom to get my address…or maybe I gave it to her?....so spacey these days – whole lack of sleep thing. Anyway she sent a couple of very soft sleep onesies for Maxim and cool stuff for me:

Fritz kept playing with the flip books and “giggling” – that is, if a 40 year old fuzzy man can giggle….so cute!
I am so excited about the millinery/hat making book – am seriously thinking of making the Ascot Hat for a wedding we are going to in 3 weeks….maybe, possibly…all depends on how much more lack of sleep I am up for….


Kathy said...

That's a fab photo of you guys in the pool---especially you! Quite the siren, aren't you?

Great to see you Monday, hope you're no longer sore or numb! Give me a call about an outing in Silver Spring..

Katherine said...

Max is pretty cute, but you are SO PRETTY!

To heck with Silver Spring, when can I see ya?