08 May 2007

SOOOO much better than STITCHES!!


I know I am a couple days late with my report but I have got to say that it was soooo much better than STITCHES when it comes to vendors and food!!!!!

Okay food I did not get to partake in the food‘cause the lines were way too long – but this poster might tell you how it was:
lamb is real good!
"and don't forget the mint!"

There were sheep of course:

random sheep 2
just a few feet away from the lamb gyro and sandwich stands....hmmm better win!!!

And there was yarn – lots of yarn and fleece:

The funny thing is that I bought more of this:

baby gear

Than I did yarn. Maxim, of course, will not fit into these until next MD SHEEP AND WOOL but I could not help myself.

The only yarn I bought was some hand dyed wool for the afghan I am crocheting – nothing special and some hemp/wool blend from someone I cannot remember. I just realy enjoyed walking around for way too long and checking it all out. I ran into people I had not seen since before the baby was born – so he was properly admired :) Heck – he was admired by those I did not know. If I had a dollar for every person who commented on my sweet pea, I’d have bought A LOT of yarn!!!

There are pictures of the baby there too – but I need to edit those – came out a bit bright.

Other amazing items:
attack of the chipmunk

People do some fantastic things….

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