27 May 2007

Wow! One whole year!!

Can you believe it? This piddly little blog has been up for a year! And not yet 100 posts...been busy :)
And even more amazing, I finished a sewing project that i started with fabric that I bought last year this weekend.

1st pieced quilt front

this is my very first pieced quilt! The finished measurement is about 45" x 36". The few others quilts that I have made were done with those "tops" you can buy at the fabric store and have some sort of character (animaniacs, harry potter...) and then a few blocks of matching colours around them to make them bigger.

So last year, I started with this:

I sliced the rows on the bias, then re-stitched the bias strips into the center rectangle.

The majority of the fabrics are Denise Schmidt - and a few others filling in the blanks. I finished the center portion last summer and then it just sat and sat in one of my many baskets of many unfinished projects. So last week, while finally unpacking a few things, I found the beginnings of this quilt and felt it was time to finish. The top only took another 2 hours to put together (baby napping - yeah) and pinned like crazy to the back fabric. The not so perfect hand quilting was done by the light of the tv inbetween the 4 am and 6 am feedings. No reason to try to sleep for 1 hour :)
The pictures are all a bit blurry since I used my cell phone camera to take pictures (Fritz left the digital camera at the theatre)

I loved the end result so much, that I started another one!

fall quilt

the fabrics were given to me by Vivi, last year during our fabric swap. The colours are very fall-like: browns and rusts with some olive green and a bit of gold. The stripe is something from my stash. There was another fabric, but it is living a happy life as a purse lining. Expect to see a post one year from now with the finished project.....


kittything said...

beautamous! as usual...

hey lady, jot me an email about the details on your Calmer socks. i was wondering if they can go in the washing machine or the drier. i know driers are bad for handknits, but we are talking about boy socks. so, you know how they are.

madhatter said...

the quilt is GREAT, i love the colorscheme and the pattern!

Kathy said...

Marietta---you need to be a full-time do-whatever-you-want person. Your creativity---I said it before---is breathtaking. Beautiful quilt! And I love the one you've just begun even more.

I'm heading to Kensington next Thurs; good day for you and Max?

kristin L said...

Woo hoo! Cool quilt. I'll mark my calendar to check in next year for teh new one! ha ha

Kathy said...

I really want the fall-like quilt. If you forget you're making it for yourself, I'll be first to say I want it!