30 May 2007

gettin' crafty

As mentioned earlier, I have been watching way too much DIY. And one of the shows that I tend to watch is called CREATIVE JUICE – the hosts, like most TV hosts, are a bit too cheery for me ….and the chick has red hair...
Has anyone else noticed that all the cool crafty people have red hair? i.e.: Vickie on KNITTY GRITTY, the Annie Modesitt, and in the blog world, Katrin at SewMad, Kristin at Kristin LaFlamme, and Yvette (who is also a costume designer I work with). Starting to think that I should have dyed my hair red instead of dark brown……..might help in the crafty-ness… though i have been known to be a red, rather burgundy, head from time to time.

Ok back on topic: SO CREATIVE JUICE had a baby things episode. They decorated a onesie with Buddha and made a baby sling. So I had to “follow the fold” and go for it.

Maxim has grown out of these onesies and I could not let them go to waste:

Since everyone else is having girls, I decided to lose the traditional car-boy themes and appliqué some cute birdies over the original design:
onesies after

Added a little glitter paint to the wings and sparkle for the eye…so cute for the girls. Must pass on to the next cute baby (somebody shoot me!)

I also felt the need to make a baby sling:

me and max

I needed something classy to help carry the baby (as well as be able to breastfeed in plain view, but not) while at a wedding this past weekend.

I have the Baby Bjorn (eBay purchase) and that works too. I also tried a New Native Sling that for the first few weeks. Unfortunately, both caused some back pain after awhile. Although the Baby Bjorn is a bit awkward to adjust, it is great for more active roaming with the baby and fantastic once I get it right, but bulky and unattractive when all dressed up. The New Native Sling is more of a pouch and not adjustable at all – moving on to the sling!

I followed these instructions and am really happy with the end result. You can find plenty of different versions of how to make a sling, as well as other carriers, here.
Normally these slings cost way too much (that is, if you can sew, have a crazy stash of fabric and trust your own mad skills). Instead of buying (and wanting one NOW) I made a gorgeous and comfortable Baby Sling for under $10.00. I used a silk from my stash that I bought off a $1/yard table in college and the rings are very inexpensive (ordered from www.slingrings.com)

Must make more!!!!


jill said...

Hey, there - happy birthday to you, indeed.

But, but... ::splutter:: Vicki Howell? Cool? Please tell me you jest! Please tell me this is bitter irony! Otherwise, must come kidnap Max and plunk you in front of something dark and jaded until you come back to yourself (can't even come up with anything appropriately dark and jaded, that's just how aghast I am...)

madhatter said...

LOVE the baby sling - it turned out so adorable, and it's looking very elegant, just right for a wedding!

now... whether i have to borrow a baby or i have to buy a babydoll. *sigh* ;)

btw: thanks for sharing the diy network link. cool stuff. you already know hgtv.com, i think?

Marietta said...

okay - she is not a truly crafty person - but the rest are :)
do you see the trend though? must have cool red hair to get craft show or book deal...this is what we are lackiing jill! :)

Anne-Caroline said...

That baby sling turned out great. And you are looking fantastic - are you sure you had that baby yourself? Glad to see you're finding time to spoil your wee one.

Micky said...

Hey thanks for coming by my place. You are welcome anytime.
And yea there are a gazillion charts for that sweater. I am taking a break for a few days before getting really into it.

And FYI, my hair is burgandy at the moment.

Kathy said...

I meant to wish you a happy birthday---sorry! Happy, happy!

Beautiful sling---I must say it caught my eye when I saw you at WoolWinders. You do look amazing!

Did you know, or are you clairvoyant, that I just had my hair highlighted---quite reddish?

Your crafting is sooooo prolific.

Tusa said...

I am still here. Struggling to keep blog going but will resume soon and tell you all about my little one. How the devil do you manage to blog???!!!

Katherine said...

So... I just dyed my hair red. Does that mean I'm craftier now? I think the dark brown suits you, and I don't think you need any help in being crafty.


Krawuggl said...

Your baby sling looks great, very elegant and sophisticated. If you are interested in German instructions for using a sling, please visit the Didymos-site, this is a very famous company for baby slings here.
I think you will have no problems because you are speaking German and there are a lot of pictures, too. Just follow the link to "Babytragen" and then to "Trageweisen".
Let me thank you here also so very very much for your comment, it´s true I´ve missed you, but I think you have a much better reason at home now for spending your time with than reading my blog.
P.S. I love the picture of Maximilians first swim, it´s great!

tomato said...

You are THE only person to have a baby sling of dupioni silk - that's my girl!!

Kristin LaFlamme said...

WOW, I'm a cool enough crafty person to be singled out in a sea of cool crafty people?!! Thanks! You know, you as a burgundy head totally shows your German-ness. I don't think you need the hair dye though. Anyone who makes a SILK BABY SLING has got some serious craft vision!!! It's wonderful. I slung both my kids and loved the flexibility of it. I never had a silk sling though.