04 June 2007

Oh how i miss

this guy!!!

I am at work today!! Can you believe it - my maternity-leave is basically up and gone!!
I miss him so! Fritz has been kind enough to Text me pics all day long to keep me sane :)

Fritz is home this week with the wee one, then I am home next week, Fritz is home the week after that and I get the last week of June with Maxim before I have to go back full time and he is off to Daycare in July...so very sad.

In the picture above, Max is sporting a lovely hat i made with leftover Noro Tidori and Debbie Bliss Cathay. These little booties:

Are also made with the Noro yarn. I think the pattern is out of KNIT SIMPLE magazine spring/summer 2007.
They are not for Max but for Baby Anna who is 4 weeks younger than my sweet boy. BUt doesn't he make a lovely model?

Must. Go. Home. And see baby (that and my boobs are about to bust! Left the tubes to the pump at home - somebody shoot me!)


futuregirl said...

I totally can see *you* in that precious little face! Totally.

Tony LaRocca said...

What a cute little guy! How could you not miss him?

Kathy said...

Help! Ilm out of town without your email address and I need to change our plans. Please send me an email so I can give you details!