13 June 2007

kindness of strangers

Fritz has an assistant named George and George has a mom named Pat – well Pat is a knitter and also has a blog (George’s mom is obviously cool - and i think her hair is red? maybe strawberry blonde). Not only she is a knitter with a blog who is George’s mom – but she knits socks…socks for my Max!

Aren’t these great?!?!? Met her once for five seconds at the MD Sheep and Wool and she knit my boy socks!!!! 2 Pair!!! And a very soft wash cloth (Manos stria maybe or blue sky organic cotton?) Very soft!!! My opinion of George is raised highly since his mom is so cool (Actually I have always like George but add the knitting mom and, well… I am biased after all)


madhatter said...

lucky you! :)

Tusa said...

They are so cute! So is your boy! And thanks for the tip. It works.

Katherine said...

George is pretty cool, I must admit. And the socks rock (as all hand knitted socks I've seen are wont to do. Sock knitters rank pretty highly in my 'cool people' charts.) but your boy is so cute it's simply not fair. And that is for the record.

And my mother is totally jealous.