22 November 2006

turkeys for sale

it's that time of year again! The opening of our holiday show! and thanksgiving too!

JUNIE B JONES AND A LITTLE MONKEY BUSINESS is a remount of a show that we did a little over 3 years ago - and it is so much better this time around! I mean check out this set:

and one of the things I will not get to make for my own off spring - but at least I can at work :) :

How sweet! Sometimes we do fabulous accurate period costumes and sometimes we get to make adorable things amd sometimes we just go shopping...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving - a day of overeating and football....well, no football in our house, but there will be overeating! Fritz does all the cooking and I'll do the apple pie, my one and only contribution to the feast. And maybe we will get dressed and go to the movies....or Maybe I will just sit and knit all day, I am so far behind.

Have a happy turkey day!!!!


futuregirl said...

Happy Turkey Day to you, too. :)

Suzanne said...

boys are truly alien to me - so exciting!! there is truly nothing as exciting as the journey you are all on. My youngest loved Junie B. Jones books - can only imagine how fun to see. Looking forward to seeing your vacation photos.

Theresa said...

I hope you're not overdoing it! We have one more show (in Dec.) and then nothing for 6 weeks - hooray! I'm taking a costume designing class next semester - I can't wait!