30 November 2006

That's not Vienna....that's a sweater!

Okay there should be a post about my trip to Vienna here – but I cannot find the disk that the pictures are on! You see I had forgotten the digital camera – so I got one of those disposable cameras (they still make those!) at the Niedermeyer on the Ringstrasse and got it developed straight to disk when I got home…did I download the best pictures to my computer?....of course not! That would make sense....

So instead of a babbling entry on how much I ate and drank and loved my favourite city, I bring you the saga of Jill’s sweater!

You see Jill, has this beautiful Alice Starmore sweater a close friend knit for her – but alas, it was about 12 inches too big. Wish I had taken a before picture – but here is the “how to” and the after:

I pinned the sweater on Jill, and then thread marked the new stitching line with a smooth contrasting yarn:


Then I cut! That is where you hold your breath, say a prayer, light a candle, sacrifice a chicken, whatever you are into....



This is wear my trusty sewing machine comes into play (depending on the yarn- I will use the overlock machine, but not with pure wool – personal preference). I ran two rows of zig-zag stitch about ¼” and 5/8” from the new seam line.


After that, I hand stitched the side seams as if no alteration had been made. And here is the finished result:


Okay, I promised Jill I would block out her head since she had forgotten to put on makeup – but she looks so happy in her sweater that I HAD to post it…so I lied :)


futuregirl said...

Cutting into a sweater - you're a braver man than I. It looks great on her!

jill said...

She's a brave and fearless steeker, too.

Thanks again, Marietta - and now we need to do the sweater I made for John back when everyone was wearing VERY baggy sweaters!

Tusa said...
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Tusa said...

Yup you really have guts. I was sweating just reading that!

Dove Knits said...

Wow...I'd've panicked! But it worked great, and looks awesome!

Lauren said...

Seeing the final product, I never would have guessed that it wasn't made to fit that way! Well done!