01 December 2006


a little late thanksgiving yummy-ness-
I like to say that i don't cook or clean...
but i do bake:

is that not a yummy lookin' apple pie? here it is with whip cream:

okay now i want more pie...maybe apfelstrudel....guess i will have to bake some more


futuregirl said...

If you have to choose one out of [ cooking - cleaning - baking ] ... I think baking is the right choice. :) Yum!

Anne-Caroline said...

I don't even like apple pie and that looks amazing!

Also - Max - I love it! (That was one of our boy names, so I'm partial...)

madhatter said...

all i can do is to second futuregirls comment.
this IS looking yummy!
thing it´s time for tea now... ;)