08 December 2006

fabulous things!

basket of goodies

pooh bear

walter and duckies

My Godmother is just THE coolest person ever! First of all, she taught me to knit while getting a blood transfusion and she makes the beautiful Dale of Norway Sweaters. As you can see above, as sported by Classic Winnie the Pooh, is both a fabulous sweater and hat for the boy to be. IN the basket was also: pacifiers, little bottles, washclothes and drying towels for baby, those little pads you stick in your bra for leaking, this adorable duck with scented bags for diapers on the go...what else? lots of stuff and a very cool diaper bag all by Avent - My aunt has an in :)

And the last picture is the Duck Mobile - I had one when i was a baby and so did my Niece and Nephew - so Max gets one too! I was so excited about it - Fritz thought i was crazy about it - but he just doesn't understand the cuteness of the little guys. And if you look closely, Walter is eyeing them with much interest from behind.

Everything is so cute when it is little!

crap! i am getting sucked into the parenting/baby thing - the dark cynical me is being taken over by the alien - QUICK somebody say something sarcastic or negative or cynical....

how the hell i am i going to afford daycare! (there you go....okay feeling like myself now)....back to work :)


Anne-Caroline said...

This is the most hilarious post! And everything is sooooo cute! Are you going to have a godmother for your cutie? We don't really do the religious thing, but we have godparents for Charlotte - and it rocks - I can already see that they are developing a special relationship. That baby sweater is a amazing, by the way, and you will see, it is so wonderful to be able to dress your baby in hand-made knits! (What week are you up to now?)

Anonymous said...

isn´t that CUTE?! the bear... the sweater... i love it!

you know, after your pregnancy you´ll have your old self back really quick. wait for the first night you won´t get a minute of sleep because your little one cries his lungs out and you just don´t know why... you´ll be yourself sooner than you wish to *gg*

Dove Knits said...

Such cute things!

futuregirl said...

Holy schmoly - I can't believe a human made that sweater/hat set. Amazing!

Liz said...

What a great compliment to find them on your blog site! Thanks!

Krawuggl said...

The duck mobile is so cute, and it is crochetted I think, I had never seen such one before, so lovely. (Men are never understanding the desire to nesting but when all is done they love it the same. They just don´t want to be bothered with choosing the colour for curtains and beddings, the toys and tiny clothes, too feminin for them, they are better with strollers and baby phones and such technical things, I think)
And thank you so much for telling your Christmas story, you are really to be envied, having the best of several traditions, it is such a joy to have an open mind to connect them all, very charming.
Have a good time and take care,

The Mom said...

Beautiful!!! Maxim will love it!! And you're over the baby.... yeah, right.... Love from The Mom