01 March 2010

How did it become March already?

In KNIT OR GET OFF THE POT fashion, I have not blogged in 2 months and then some. I try to be consistant in my errors.

Why? Well, some for being busy and some for trying to find the perfect job (not happening) and some for sheer laziness.

And now I am super busy again just like last spring - with the Skating Costumes and 2 College productions - both Shakespeare and knitting ANOTHER sample for Mission Falls Yarns (YIPPEEE) and then there were those Olympics to watch in which I lost track of all time while bedazzling skating costumes. There were also some scary costumes too.

Something I did teach myself this January was Double Knitting - ohhhh it is so very cool:

here is side one:

teapot - the first side

and if you flip it over, you get this:

teapot- the other side

I am still looking for a new career/job - but until then I am in Tech rehearsal on March 15th until the end of April. Not only are there the two University productions, there are 3 other shows coming up too! All good - just very busy. And I have to plan Max's 3rd birthday.... I so want a Pirate Themed party :)


madhatter said...

Pirate themed party sounds good!
Ian was a pirate on Fasching, and he really loved it! :)

Fingers crossed for your projects! Hope you'll find enough time for yourself, though.

Amelie said...

I third the pirate theme :)
Good luck for all the projects and the search for the perfect job!

Megan said...

I thought double knitting with a chart was one of the hardest knitting techniques to learn. Yours looks great though.

Marietta said...

Megan - it all depends on the chart - some are written like an illusion pattern and tat is just too hard. But ones that are just the picture (like intarsia or fair isle ) are easier for me to follow. Just remeber each square on the chart represents - knit with a, purl with b - and remember to move those yarns together)