30 December 2008

Coming back....

Knitting and crocheting have not been up on the top of my crafting list these last few months. But there has been a bit of crafting along with the xmas sewing.

random cuteness

I made this little Bottle Cap Pin Cushion over the summer after seeing this or maybe this tutorial. Ones i really want to make are these tea pot pin cushions. I will definitley make more once i can find emory for the filling.

I also made a very cute Gnome t-shirt bag this summer:

gnome bag

- which should be a gift for someone but i am having a hard time parting with it. It has been sitting unused for months because of the guilt that overcomes me if i try to use it....ah the joys of being raised catholic and jewish....all that guilt!

And the last little cute item was an apron (of course) for our summer intern -

my fab intern 2008
Project Runway themed fabric! Gotta' love it!

And then gratuitous Max picture:
thanksgiving weekend

or my other favourite from Thanksgiving is here.

MOre holiday pics of craftiness and baby coming soon!

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futuregirl said...

He's getting to be such a big boy! Look at all that hair! :)