25 December 2008

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Happy Hannukah!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday! And did not spend Christmas Eve shopping like we did. LOL! Just did not have time to shop and still have things to make...fortunatley i am seeing the family on Saturday, so that gives me 2.5 days to finish sewing...i think....or go shopping.....

At this exact moment in time, my kitchen is doing a repeat of last year. Makin' cookies for the holidays.

In other news, I am officially self-employed. YEAH!!!! I am working at the store a few days a week and then sewing/designing/knitting/finishing etc the rest of the week.....nerve racking....crazy....but i am excited. I just cannot WAIT to start creating again....this will be part of my new year's resolutions, along with taking a german course and a tailoring course....and maybe lose 20 lbs :) oh and find a new hair dresser...mine moved to spain :(


jill said...

Happy Holidays, Mar!!

Dude - O'Hair in the Kentlands. They're a "no tipping" salon, friendly, professional, fantastic.

Amelie said...

Happy holidays to you, too!
I love the picture you posted.