01 June 2006

yeah for flicker! and new jersey!

i have to thank Jill for telling me all about Flickr! Something is up with Blogger and uploading pics - so i jumped the other bandwagon, and joined Flickr - which i hope to organize my theatre portfolio on too! So on my way back to Maryland this afternoon... By the way, did you know that it costs you 10bucks just to get out of MD and Delaware!!! My trip on the the Jersey Turnpike + the Garden State Parkway did not cost that much combined!!!!

Found a couple of "How Jersey are you?" Quizzes, on line and i felt the need to partake:

How JERSEY are you?

Welcome home. You're SO Jersey. You know Wildwood and Seaside are the most disgusting places on earth, and only good for drunken after prom vacations, you know there's always a "short-cut" to someplace. Isn't Jersey great? I mean, where else can you go 80 MPH and STILL be the slowest car on the road?
Take this quiz!

I scored a 82% on the "How New Jersey are you?" Quizie! What about you?

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