21 June 2006

Injured Player

Well, McBride and Owen are not the only ones. In my excitement to get across town and watch a rehearsal yesterday afternoon of the show I currently designing, I fell down the stairs – only five of them, but it still hurt and I kind of sprained a few of my fingers. The upside, all that padding on my tuchas (aka po, aka kuli aka butt) helped out immensely! But do you want to know what the real downside to all this is?


I sat through 5 hours of the run and meetings and I couldn’t knit! – I was planning on World Cup Knitting during all this – instead of falling asleep when they start to talk set and lights (‘cause really, I only care about the costumes, people!) I usually knit to keep focused – this also meant I would be more than half way up the front and back. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Had to hurt myself. Had to put my hand on ice. At least I got happy drinks later...hee

I promise you – I am knitting tonight! Icing in-between rounds if I have to – but I am going for it!

PS – other downer of the day yesterday– missed England vs. Sweden (tie 2:2). You know, work...geesh!


Tony LaRocca said...

Aargh, I know what it's like when your body gets in the way of what you want to do. Hang in there!

Tusa said...

Hey! Now why did you go and do that!!! Look after those fingers... Its not England against Germany yet!!! Err, that was meant for Michael Owen and his knee (I am still spitting feathers!).

Ok, ok, I am sorry to hear it. Get better soon...

Jill Smith said...

oh! Wah!!

Hope you're better when I see you (hopefully) Saturday. It's been a ROUGH week, and I could use some sit'n'knit time with My Marietta.

Marietta said...


Marietta said...
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