23 June 2006


I don;t alwasy trust the USPS to do it its job, but today yesterday i received a little present from Alice - it was a sweet little thank you that just made my day :).

presents 008

And not only did that get here in record time (she mailed it on the 20th and arrived on 22nd) - my first packchen zirkel package arrived in Germany 6 days after I mailed it out!!! Unglaublich! And Mad Hatter - aka Katrin - loves it. Here is a a bit of what I sent her:

presents 001
just a little pirate tea cozy!

presents 002
close up of pirate napkins and napkin rings

As part of our rules, Katrin also received 5 Fat Quarters (which i like so much, i am using them in EE's quilt), some Steam A Seam ('cause i hear it is hard to find in Germany and a few other bits and bobs :) She has much better pictures on her blog, so check 'em out!

Sorry i cannot babble longer - i have got to get back to that thing called work - we are getting so much done! When it looks like sometihng more than mannequins in victorian dress, i will post a few pics!


futuregirl said...

Your package for Katrin is incredible. You were very thoughtful on the package as a whole. The tea cozy and napkin set is awesome. She seems to be head-over-heels for everything in the package - her post is great. :)

madhatter said...

yep, my package is incredible! and i lovelovelove it :)
thank you SO much!

Gigi said...

I love the napkins and tea cozy! I must hunt for some pirate fabric for myself - it's just too adorable.