17 June 2006

Presents from TNNA!!!

This is the nice thing about working in a yarn shop (outside of the amazing discount – needed to feed the habit) is that sometimes you get presents! And this fabulous regia silk was my fabulous present that the bosses brought back for me from TNNA this year. When I was in Germany in October, I bought some of the solid colour as a gift for a friend, so I am quite grateful to have two skeins all my very own. Thank you guys.

And Lynn brought me back these:

They were given to her by the lovely ladies of BIG GIRL KNITS - a book I highly recommend. It has both fabulous designs for big girls (though there are a couple of designs that I am not fond of – but you can’t please everyone 100% of the time) as well as a bible for fit! Remember, Costumer talking here! – and a huge, big (no, not size) fan of What Not to Wear. They stress that these patterns are not going to make you look skinny – just GOOD.
This is in line with the following conversation:

Mar: Honey? Does this skirt make me look fat?
Fritz: Uhhh (staring in repulsion at my size 20 ass) uhhh……
Mar: (exits hurt and frustrated, hides in closet)
Fritz: Whaaat?!

Mar: Does this skirt make me look fat…er?
Fritz: (eyes smile) You look great! (eyes stopping to check out butt in positive way)
Mar: (crosses to fritz and gives hime big kiss)
Fritz: Whaaat?!

Notice the “er” in the question? I learned early on (about 40 lbs ago) that asking, “Does this make me look fat?” is the kiss of death question for most men (and true friends) and really, if you are fat, you are fat – you just don’t want to look “fatter.”

Anyway back to Amy and Jillian, and BGK: Lots of good information here – I personally do not own this book yet (it being on my wish list on Amazon and no one buying it for me) but Lynn brought it to the store and I drooled appropriately. A and J also told Lynn about the FoBG, Friends of Big Girls – so I am now, officially a FoBG, and I’ve got the t-shirt buttons to prove it! (Well once they get my email and approve it)

PS – tie match today 1:1 Italy v USA – way to go!


Anonymous said...

Not to hijack the thread, but I do have a question: I came to your site (love it) through Writing or Typing. I am a 30-something female and am very interested in learning how to knit. I live in a rural area (an hour drive to a grocery store is harsh), so the chances of finding a local circle or group isn't a probability. Can you suggest books, websites, etc., that would help me learn the craft? I know absolutely nothing. Yarn and knitting needles are required, right? :) Thanks for any help you can offer.

Marietta said...

wow! thanks so much for the compliment. :) feel free to email me at knit-or-get-off@hotmail.com, maybe we can find you a group within a reasonable driving distance. But until then, the basic VOGUE KNITTING book that i linked to in "1 rod, 2 plates and 14 screws" is a great resource! that is the book i learned from (and my aunt) - as for web pages, try these:
www.socknitters.com (just socks, but there are tutorials)
http://learntoknit.lionbrand.com http://knitting.about.com/bllearn.htm

There are also dvds available too - haven;t seen them in person but i know they exist - hope this helps!

Suzanne said...

I a drooling with envy at your LYS... I learned to knit at a little shop near my house that has now changed ownership and its very soul. I belong to a group of wandering knitters still looking for a home. I miss the access to knitters for my questions and inspiration. The internet has filled some of that but I know it helped to have a body to show my mistakes to. There may be a surprise knitter out there in the rural hinterlands - hopefully?