13 June 2006

I dreamed I won the world cup in my maidenform bra...

Life is starting to take over – so the blogging might be a little scarce starting….NOW! I haven’t gotten very far in my world cup sweater…typical. Actually I am knitting it in the round and realized that it is measuring 60” around, instead of somewhere around 52”-54”, so I dropped about 16 stitches at each side seam, losing about 6 inches total…so it should fit a better now….and Fritz will admit that it is the beer belly stomach that is a bit bigger than the rest of him, so it should fit just fine. I think he’ll just be thrilled if I really do finish this one…..but we won’t talk about the 5-year-plan allover cable sweater ( I’ve got 6 months left, people!)

So I thought I would share a few things that I’ve got going on…reading this book. I burst out laughing on page 3 of the prologue while in the store and KNEW I had to have it. And I have been reading through this lovely social commentary, UPLIFT: The Bra in America…it’s basically a very long PHD paper about the history of the bra (did you know that there were blow-up bra's in the 50's?) and its relationship to society…blah, blah, blah…it’s interesting to me. Besides, I have to admit, one of my dreams in this world, is to get a grant and correctly brassiere (is that correct verb usage?) the women of modern civilization – and that includes every major city from Tokyo to Hamburg to Cape Town to Moscow to Barcelona and all the little cities in-between like Peoria, Illinois and Leichlingen, Germany. (note - no i do not want to go to nations where bras are not a part of their culture...blah blah blah ....tho it does look painful when i watch the discovery channel...i am talking about how the woman next door who thinks that she wears a 36B and probably doesn't)

When time is mine again (August, maybe?) here’s a few things I’d like to make for me. Gigi at Behind the Seams has a neat blog – and some cool links that have me excited to make this, and this and this and…I could go on, but I’ll stop now….oh and this!

Oh and I have been working on my päckchenzirkel – the making has been fun – it is the picking fabric for other people that I find difficult. I have several piles of groups of 5 fat quarters gathered on a corner of my cutting table at work and I keep flipping them around for who I think will want them. I go some time yet. One is completely made and the other two are I pieces – at this rate and my world cup knitting, I should get it all sewn up and mailed by the time we open The Borrowers.

Enough babbling for now….MUST KNIT!!!! time to make a nice cup of tea and relax.....

Ps – I got Univision on my TV in the costume shop!!!! I can watch the Germany vs. Poland game tomorrow – I do not expect much work getting done between 3-5 pm EST.


Ce said...

Danke für deinen Besuch in meinem Blog. Ich liebe diesen Kontakt mit Leute in der ganzen Welt, den man durchs bloggen erreicht.
Sehr schön dein blog! Ich freue mich auch auf das Spiel heute... und Freitag erstmal!!!!!


madhatter said...

with me it´s different. i think the fabric choice is the easier part - but i don´t know what to MAKE! it should be something the other person likes, and this is hard... maybe i will dream of a "solution".
it´s so many time left! ;)