19 June 2006

You are welcome Future Girl!

Blog hopping is one of those past-times we are all familiar with – and this is what led me to Future Girl’s Gallery while visiting Isa’s page. I saw the little Wim that Alice made for her. He is the cutest little felt deer you have ever seen! He is named for Wim Wenders, who is one of my favorite directors. I absolutely love “Wings of Desire” (Himmel Ueber Berlin auf deutsch). “City of Angels” is the crap American remake starring Nicolas Cage. Side note: American studios please stop remaking fab foreign films into terrible American versions - case in point: the American remake of LA FEMME NIKITA starring Bridgette Fonda is just awful!!!! So bad I cannot remember the name of it.

Back on course here (and if you haven’t noticed, I go off on tangents). So this cutie Wim, is made from embossed felt. I was sure I had seen it at JoAnn’s (‘cause you know I am there at least 3 times a week) – but not in brown. I asked Alice about it - she didn't know of any colours and was only able to get the brown at her local craft store…AHA! IDEA!!! Future Girl will need more felt in different colors…I WILL SEND HER SOME Hilda! Hilda! I have invented a manoooooover! …so I sent her bit…well, a lot…couldn’t help myself. Wish I could have seen the look on her face when she opened the package! I admit that I put them in colour order – because I am that dorky and I figured it would make the opening part prettier :)

I like the fact that you can meet people via the internet who are into the same things you are – and at …3am? Insomnia sucks – but at least I can find something that inspires me to be more creative rather than melt my brain in front of the TV (which I do anyway)

Back to knitting…or maybe I should really try to sleep…long day at camp tomorrow….

PS – abc.com has all of the latest and final season of ALIAS as a free download until June 30th. Other ABC shows are available too – check it out!

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futuregirl said...

Marietta rocks. Thanks again. :)

And here's my "I second that motion" for Hollywood not remaking foreign films. WTF? The worst is when ridiculous "wrap everything up" endings are tacked on to otherwise mysterious and intriguing storylines. Ugh!

Wim Wenders is completely, utterly, wonderfully magnificent. I recently just saw "Don't Come Knocking." An incredible movie. Trust me and Marietta and rent one of his movies. You won't regret it. :)