11 June 2006

never enough fabric....

Picture 007

The eternal fabric hunt is OVER!! Yeah – I am telling ya! I have been to at least 30 fabric stores in the last month – up and down the eastern seaboard and I think that I am done – really…I’m done…no...really….ah crap! I forgot something! Fabric for Pod’s costume.
Picture 034

Our next show is THE BORROWERS – hence the HUGE chair in our scene shop! And the costume designer is being ueber-picky about the fabric for this one – oh wait…that’s me...crap! Okay so I’M being super picky about the fabric – but I have this thing in my head and I thought I could find it – oversized prints, So as you can see I have found some of it – but the last one….that’s been a problem. So I have decided to buy some fake-linen (‘cause real linen would wrinkle waaaaaay too much) which has the drape I need, and will stencil 8 yards like a crazy person.
I found a “wallpaper” stencil at Joann’s – which is perfect!!! This is a job for interns!!!! ‘Cause I have interns this summer – it’s a concept I know, but I am very excited (can’t you tell?)

As for my world cup knitting? 404 stitches on size 4 mm needles is a lot of stitches…but it is happening…slowly but surely. I’ll take a few pics when it looks a bit more like a sweater. USA vs. Czech republic tomorrow – pity I have to work, but I think espn3 will repeat the game at 5pm…guess I’ll have to leave work early…aw shucks!


Tony LaRocca said...

Wow- so much work went into that, that's amazing. So who gets the chair after the production? You could always do an Edith Ann impersonation in it.

madhatter said...

your pod gets a costume? i´m curious on that one!
the fabric looks lovely - the green ones are gorgeous! :)

Tusa said...

Hey You!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yup that was me on Cast-On. I was really, really pleased.

Ok, so you support Germany but you know we may have to face each other soon!!!

But before that - where is your sweater? How far have you got? Oh, do tell...

I love the T-shirts and wish I could sew as well - maybe some day.

Marietta said...

tony - actually the chair was a donation - but perfect, yes?
@madhatter - Pod is a character in the show - should have been more specific, i forget that people cannot get in my brain
@ tusa - just don't bring up the war :)

madhatter said...

ah. *gg*
thought you were talking about you i-pod....
could have been that you´re talking about it as "pod".... i mean, if people talk to their flowers - why not to their electronics?!?
still like the fabric and i´m curious how the costume turns out.

Marietta said...

i don;t think i have developed that relationship with the ipod quite yet - though an outfit for it is tempting...though i have named my dress mannequins and my cars :)