05 June 2006


From left - right: original colour, dyed with forest green, w/ medium blue (the best choice i think), w/ bright green, and w/olive green.

Fabric that is. So I am in OZ and am getting ready for the next show. One thing I love about what I do is that if you can't find exactly what you want, you can try to make it! The dyeing isn't quite working out the way I had hoped, though. The problem is most likely the fact that the original fabric does not want to bleach out some of the original print -which is a bit to dark for what I need. The back ground colour is working for me - but I think that the motif is just fighting me. Of course, opinion all depends on your monitor. With the fabric being a decorator cotton, I decided to use Procion MX dyes by Jacquard - a fiber reactive dye rather than Rit dyes - which is a union dye. My dyeing bible is this book here. Great resource - not just for theatre - I also use the basic dye recipes for dyeing yarn and fabric for me at home. Crap - shouldn't have gone to Amazon.com for that link - now i want this book. Amazon is so evil when they pair up books of interest....oh well.
Anyway, I am designing the costumes for this one - yeah! The nice thing about designing a show is that all the financial stress and how the show will be built falls to the costume shop manager....oh wait, that's me...CRAP! Actually, this summer I get 2 - count 'em - 2 college interns and 3 high school part time interns - very exciting! (Poor kids!) Hopefully, this will mean things will go a bit easier - or so we dream.
I did have this fantasy about taking the summer off and running away to Vienna (no, not at the end of the DC/Metro orange line - Austria!) and taking a german language course...but thenI would have to leave my yarn husband for a month and that would just be sad.....

As for knitting, I am almost done with the bias corset for Starr - my dress form at home (named Sybil) is very tiny, like Starr, so once it is done I will take a pic for you all to see. And I am getting ready for the Knitting World Cup (go germany!) - I'll post that pic next time.

Just want to thank every one for your comments - it so nice to think that you all "really really like me!" - - i am not quite sure about blogging etiquette just yet - do I email each one and say "thanks so much" or is a shout-out considered acceptable? What would Miss Manners tell me to do? Well considering I am crap at writing thank you notes (sorry Mom, you did your best), I think she might think me a lost cause. heehee

see you soon!


Jill Smith said...

Re: blog-etiquette (blogiquette?) - Individualized e-mails are always sweet, but aren't necessary. Replying in your own comment thread is generally considered very acceptable. General shout-outs are also acceptable. Comment thread responses generally generate a more "conversation" oriented website.

Also, not sure if you've noticed, but there's some nifty commenting ability on Flickr. I've left a couple for you there.

Marietta said...

thank you for the blogiquette - we shall see how this goes...:)