16 June 2006

all crafted out...(and maybe copa mundial too)

Wow! 6-0 for Argentina vs. Serbia-Montenegro tied match (0:0) for Mexico and Angola and what was the Netherlands game? I think they won…and I might be a bit overwhelmed here – I think I am world-cupped out….okay I have said it – I am beat! It is all this...grrr... not scoring until the last 10 minutes of the game thing that is just getting me!

And, I am a bit crafted out. I think it is because we have had an amazing week in the costume shop. My first college intern , who is deaf btw, has been awesome. Her skills are lacking – which is why she is here – but she is determined to learn and be anal and I am loving her for it – so all of our fittings went EXTREMELY well today! I mean really really well. WE already cut out and started building one skirt today. Monday will be cutting and sewing madness too so I am quite happy about that! The pic's didn;t come out all that well so i am won't be posting aything today.

And I did send my first little package out today - that is three times in one week i have mailed packages when I said I would! 3 times! (sorry about the 1 1/2 year delay, auntie betty) I normally lack in the maling area - i thin it is in the same place as the "return library books within reasonable time" gene..and that one i inherited from my mother. The mailing gene deficiency (sp?) comes from my mom's youngest sister.

as to not have a picture-less blog - here is another picture of the fatties :) well one fatty



Bitterbetty said...

do you finish the contents of the package and then just have a block on the actual packing and posting?
Or am I alone in this particular manifestation of postal shortcoming?

Marietta said...

sometimes - but most of the time they are finished, wrapped, addressed and never mailed. :( sad, i know