25 June 2006

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole..part II

Germany vs. Sweden 2:0
England Ecuador 1:0

those 1st 2 (and only) goals scored in, what? 12 minutes? yeah you go boyz! es freut mich sehr.
I am feeling a bit sad for Croatia - since they are now out of the running..i mean, the average height of those boys is over 6' (170cm?") and that forward Prso is just HOT. 'Cause it is all about the boys with nice bottoms, i mean the way the game is played...ahem.

"we're singing for england! england! england! we're singing our song...." new order 1990 world cup song

so happy that i gaot to stay home, knit and watch the england match this morning...thinking about not going to work today (it may be sunday, but i work in theatre)...though i do have to go shopping, return some fabric, exchange a few pairs of shoes...that sounds like more fun than going to the theatre..and then maybe end up at the yarn store to sit and knit for awhile.

Don't tell Fritz, but i cleaned house a bit. Granted I had the World Cup playing on all three tv's (guest room, living room, and our room) - so no problem going from room to room when i was tkaing a knitting break.

No Annie this weekend :( she became terribly sick and wasn't able to teach at the store this weekend....hopefully, when she is able to visit again, i will not be in tech and have to miss her. I love her style of teaching...her classes are always a blast! it's that costume designer thing, i think...

still knittin'! must go shopping...

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Gerrit said...

Mer, you'll need to work on your conflict of loyalties. Cheering for Germany and England both? It's Just Not Done. :)

Besides, have you *seen* England play? My goodness, no wonder their fans are such lousy drunks -- who could stand watching that in sobriety?