06 June 2006

World Cup Scarf

The town of Unna in western Germany is hoping for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for what it claims is the world's longest football scarf.

I had written a little paragraph about what i was going to knit and had a picture too...but Blogger decided that erasing it when I flipped to spell check was a good idea. I don't :(. Also I am trying to edit past posts - it saves and the draft says that it is changed but the post is still the same when i check the mainpage - I am a terrible typist and even when I do write in MSWord, there are words that the spell check and grammar check miss - as well as verb tenses - so i apologize for the poor grammar. And when i am ready to face HTML again - i will post more links to some of my favourite webpages and blogs!

Off to go fabric shopping!

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Suzanne said...

Hello Marietta - a fellow Gemini! Love the company of another "new" blogger on this. I'm at a loss most of the time. Your blog and so many others with exciting lives and cities. I love the midwest - but definitely different offerings. Would love to wallow in the yarn shops you all have - choices....